“My Composer Audition” | The Music of Welcome To The Wayne

July 24, 2017 - Often when a new show is interested in having you be their composer, they will ask you to submit a short audition or score a few short scenes so they can get a sense of  your musical approach. In the case of Welcome To The Wayne, I composed and submitted this 90-second demo as an example of how I would want the show to sound. The producers responded positively and I was hired back in April 2016! 

This demo established my sonic “palette” and some of the themes that I will revisit throughout the series. Even though the producers were fans of my work on Harvey Beaks, it was important to create something very different from that show. This music aimed to combine the mysterious & magical nature of the New York-esque building known as “The Wayne,” with the off-center comedy and adventurous nature of our three protagonists. I hope you enjoy the show and the music I’ve been writing for it all year! I will periodically post some of my favorite musical moments on here as the series progresses.

-Ego Plum

Welcome To The Wayne premieres Monday, July 24th at 5:30PM on Nickelodeon!