“All Alone” | The Music of Harvey Beaks

June 2, 2016 - I wrote this a few days after the passing of David Bowie. I had been really down that week; I didn’t realize how bad I would be affected by his passing. My friend David J (Bauhaus) wrote a song about Bowie that very next day and sent it to me and I realized how many of us were sharing in the exact same collective sorrow. I didn’t seek to write about Bowie (it was quite literally about Harvey and used outer space as a metaphor for solitude) but Bowie’s death happened to coincide with the post-production schedule for the episode “Alone.” After I finished it, I first shared it with a friend who said that it felt like a eulogy and that’s when I realized that’s exactly what it was. It was for David, but it was for me as well. It was cathartic. 

I knew from the moment I saw the storyboards for Alone that this was going to be a special episode, along the lines of “A Day of No To-Do.” Carl Greenblatt was able to touch on something really special and I hope everyone appreciates the beauty of this little cartoon. -E 

All alone 
Far from home 
The winds take the last leaves every blown 
When all you sought 
Was all for naught 
Float on brave and lonesome cosmonaut 
Clouds spray and break the day 
with thoroughgoing grace 
hold still, oh daffodil 
You’re floating into space 
No planet circling 
No sun to set or rise